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Upcoming New Trends

With so many design styles ranging from modern to rustic and rustic to classical, there is no doubt a growing new trend in all of these designs.  Here, we share on some of these upcoming trends with the choice of material, color usage and the finishing works.

Back to “Nature” Raw Look

There is a shifting trend to avoid using the dark wenge and other woods, as they have been seen in furniture for far too long.  Now, with light wood or rather rustic texture honey-color woods, such as Ash Oak, Walnut, White Wash Cherry, they are looking so much refreshing.

They are also easy matching to the surrounding such as a darker floorboard with dark styling pieces. This back to natural theme seems deem for especially the eco conscious mindset of the new era.


Pristine Use of Color

The primary color may be overuse and there is an alternative style to get a different color palette.

Exotic colour such as turquoise and maroon to the darker character color suits the refreshing mood for the interior space.  Upholstery of color and patterns on cushions, throws and wall coverings are used to blend harmony with the surrounding furnishing piece.  This creates a vibrant interior, while sticking to light white colors for the furniture always works well.

Get Outdoor!

Let the outdoor in to the indoor and vice versa.
With the Gaia theory in mind, people are letting the outdoor mood into their everyday life.  Green leafy plants co-exist with our everyday living space.

Using vertical wall plants feature that hang over the balcony and well-lite window are getting semi-indoor.  In our everyday hectic workday, outdoor furniture with loose cushions are moving indoor to get the cozy lifestyle of a work life balance.

Details and finishes

Plain finishes seems rather too minimalist and art deco may be a deceptive for some. The use of arch and wainscoting such as wood trimming detail and motif strikes a balance.

English detailing are often blend using French decoration, where the less is really more with details and touches getting simpler and with a lighter color tone.


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