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Christmas Decor Trend This Festive Season

1) I Am Dreaming of a White Christmas

This year favor to using a clean opulent snowy Christmas Hue. Siver, White and anything champgne white gold to rose gold fill the mood of Christmas

2) Warm Lights effect

Illuminate using the warm white kelvin lux bring the warm glowing joy in the house. LED lights bulb to strip tangling from tall ceiling control in static to candle fading glow always bring a cozy theme to anywhere.

3) D.I.Y spirits

Getting the organic base of leaves, twig, strand of lawn become the eco friendly raw material yet sincere setting of all times. Lightly sprinkler with gold or silver shimmering form a evergreen white Christmas mood.

4) Red - Poinsettia Red in fact

The Christmas Poinsettia Red will always bring highlight to any decor. Use over sized ribbon and streamer over Norwegian Christmas Tree for a contrast yet memorable decor

Lets all Enjoy the Festive Season.

Black N White House

Wishes Everyone a warm cozy Christmas to every home sweet home


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