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Interior Design Trend This Fall

Black, to be precise black metal.
Mild steel or blackened steel of welding work is here to stay. Details of using black metal finish are used in such as dining table chairs, outdoor furniture or bed frames form a display. From furniture to detail product design, the darkness of black is in.

Round edge and profile.
Going for the organic shape start various application, such as iphone, automobile maker and not the least apply on the shaped pendent lamp and furniture.

Nostalgia Ornamentation
Old school details are back. People want to find the familiarity details such as drapes, embroidery area added to their home. The repetitive pattern of lines, geometric shaped will appears in homes.
They products usage will be on tiles, cushion cover and even rugs.

Mismatch Cabinet
Plain white is always in and blend well. But there is nothing wrong with going the extra bold loud expressive in colours and pattern. Mix and match and getting different material in kitchen and display cabinet form a lifestyle character.

Marble Details
Who can resist the natural pattern or grain created by mother natural. Opt for pure white stone look with natural grain in grey to black will become a statement. We will see plenty of stoneware, display piece or side cabinet using such approach.

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