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Kitchen Design Fashion

Let the light in and brighten up the kitchen. Today's trend for a lighter palette color kitchen setting as whitish color make sense for current context of real estates space.

Brighter Palette concept

White wash wood with details on the frame makes the English and French influence themes popular.  The darker color contrasts indirectly are used in metal wood and table worktop.

Showcase on the surface

Literally surface.  Yes. Table top has never been more exciting.

From wood grain to veneer look, this type of table worktop gels well with the popularity of a lighter tone kitchen cabinet.  The wood-look materials are used for the worktop as well as the backing feature for the wall area.  This adds to the texture line detail to the wall monotone plain look without over highlighting them from the kitchen cabinet detail.

For practical reason, a hard compressed density board in varies wood-look worktop are implemented.

And for the showcase of luxury kitchen, exotic precious stone and pattern surface using quartz material are a growing trend.

Nothing beats the crafting artwork of nature.  These stone veins show the luxury and unique natural character on the surface worktop. 

The using of stone as a large island table makes a good talking point for guests as they mingle and prepare their favorite gourmet.

Organising space

Again, with real estates a luxury nowadays, it makes organising spaces planning important.

More client are looking for solution to maximise their space for storage and cooking practicality. Kitchen solution for pull out drawer, corner drawer and compartmental spaces are implement into for work-flow efficient environment.


Get down on the floor

Kitchen masonry works need not to be boring. As lifestyles are projected in their living spaces, kitchen become a great space presentation board. Interesting motif pattern tiles for selected floor are layer in the kitchen.

These motif can range from repeated motif of floral to rustic wash off running tone of pattern colour. Such tiles are used in small size such as 150mm to 200mm square lead the walkway to the kitchen preparation area and not to mention subway white or colour tiles are make a comeback as backing to differentiate workspace and large wall tiles area.

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