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29 Mar 2017

Home Trend in 2017

Envy the greenery colours. Floral and Motif blends will showcase in soft furnishing.
Feature panel as such as drapes and cushion will fill the rooms.
Except to appear in laminates finish to kitchen ware, table ware to the finest details. 

Greenery represent fresher and revitalise the living space.

Runway favour from the 2016 will lead to our everyday life. Pieces with mixed pattern such as table runner, drapes and even bed quilt forms a mixed and unmatch combination.

Print of silk print to batik style will creates exciting colours visual

WIth the ever popular metallic colour from phone and gadets. Metallic of rose gold, champagne gold to brass gold create pieces of trendsetter.
Metallic blend appears in sanitary wares such as facet to basin and even to furniture pieces.
Pedestral and legs of accent pieces blend well in metal pieces.

Owners are seraching for unique pieces that showcase the character's lifestyle. These pieces will stood the test of time and form a accent furniture in the house. Restore furniture to natural wear and tear add the age to the place. People are looking for craftmanship and good material in artisan furniture with details

With the eco friendly mindset. Sources of faux finish are developed. Faux Leather to faux exotic marble stone will be used on table top and furniture pieces.
With technology enhancement, Faux material such as wood, stone will provide better durability and hardness as compare to natural material. 

Raise of the textural level on touch.
Folds, velvets to pleat can be found on coaches, bedhead to curtain decoration.
You will see faux luxuriously material in this year trend

Matt white with simple line will showcase in decoration and interior spaces. Going back to basic of organic and raw unfinished state with appear in 2017. Vases and decorative items will see lots of white.

As Matt is evergreen, the trend will find a white canvas for interior spaces.





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23 Dec 2016

Christmas Decor Trend This Festive Season

1) I Am Dreaming of a White Christmas

This year favor to using a clean opulent snowy Christmas Hue. Siver, White and anything champgne white gold to rose gold fill the mood of Christmas

2) Warm Lights effect

Illuminate using the warm white kelvin lux bring the warm glowing joy in the house. LED lights bulb to strip tangling from tall ceiling control in static to candle fading glow always bring a cozy theme to anywhere.

3) D.I.Y spirits

Getting the organic base of leaves, twig, strand of lawn become the eco friendly raw material yet sincere setting of all times. Lightly sprinkler with gold or silver shimmering form a evergreen white Christmas mood.

4) Red - Poinsettia Red in fact

The Christmas Poinsettia Red will always bring highlight to any decor. Use over sized ribbon and streamer over Norwegian Christmas Tree for a contrast yet memorable decor

Lets all Enjoy the Festive Season.

Black N White House

Wishes Everyone a warm cozy Christmas to every home sweet home


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