A getaway theme from the City’s hectic lifestyle and a back-to-nature concept, the Scandinavian Country Barn concept is conceived. Cream and brown basic hue materials match harmony with bluish contrast for an alternate colour mood. 

Raw burn red brick forms an exciting backdrop for the living area.  The cookery area houses a rustic element backing with thin profile wood grain table top.  We create a balance with louvers wood details and stark blue cabinetry to complement the barn look.

A interlink opening using sliding door is made to connect the master bedroom and bedroom 2 to create a suite, housing a complete wardrobe experience, a study area and a resting place for the couple.  The barn concept of the rustic bluish details with matt black handles stretches from the wall within the study area.  The bed lies against a backdrop using vertical wood strip wallpaper, and is complemented with a rattan inspired modern arch bed frame.

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