Pasir Ris

English breakfast tea is a blend consisting of full-bodied tea leaf in robust favour to add milk and tingle of sugar to taste in as a traditionally beverage. With the owner’s affluent liking to English style and tea house details, we blended floral English setting and decoration flavour.  Thus the theme is born.

The living room brings an English garden setting with carpentry details on trimmings and frames design.

Atlantic blue of two tones covered the vast wall with vertical wood panelling design. The pastel light tones goes with the English floral motif on the upholstery and various showcase display.

At a corner, a dining table where the hosts entertain tea drinkers and pastry lovers. Next to the kitchen area, a preparation table with fine English moulding with a back tall cabinet showcase the owner’s vast tea and china wares.

The bedroom 2 and 3 are raised with ample storage underneath and complete with an enlarged bed design. Tall open cabinet displays their books and lifestyle articles. Whereas, the Master bedroom has a feature carpentry work for console and a matching bed head design.

The study room completes with an English cottage profile book showcase with wood craved desk and greyish wall tone. 

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