Serangoon Road

The interior space is designed with a cosy show-flat concept in mind for this couple and their family. The living room space goes for a full tall cabinet with marble onyx embedded as a feature point.
The dining area is kept light with an organic oval shape table with matching cosy leather dining chair for 6 people. Beside it houses the kitchen with a glass door function to keep the grease out, while the island cabinet divides the space with additional storage feature.
The bedrooms are kept to a hotelier look with two beds in a deluxe room setting. Its comes with light ambience and matching wallpaper to reflect an elegant look.
Master bedroom goes for a warmer modern lofty look with wood grain and contrasting black strip. The space incorporates a walk-in wardrobe with open concept matching wood wardrobe and a practical dresser function.
Next, the entertainment room housed on the top level, comes with a tall storage cabinet for various devices and a built-in bar fridge for a relaxed drinking session. The mood is enhanced with an ambience lighting and finished with dark toned carpentry work.

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