Classic English ContrastWhite and Dark

A holiday home to a middle-aged couple who travelled frequently, this is a reminiscent of French and English style. The interior design of this 1400sqft apartment gives the surrounding a feel of European homes, yet elements are infused to make this home distinctive. The European details get a contemporary update, where contrasting colour palette of black and white colours was adopted throughout to infuse an elegant and timeless sensation.

Motif design of authentic gothic print is used for a heavy grand curtain mood. The champagne gold tassel adds detail touch without grasping each other's attention.

A TV Console is custom-made and fabricated in the same colour scheme, black and white colour to create the consistency of the entire living space. For an elegant touch, a tinted black mirror is also u

The walls in the living hall are cladded with a symmetrical arrangement of mouldings, and sprayed paint in white. To create a contrast, the lower portion is sprayed paint in black, elegant in its own simplicity.

The fringe details of edgy light with downlight focus on the painting, creates a grand dining ambience.

Sprayed painted to a high gloss finish, the table is completed with mirror surface frame and details for the surface worktop.

For an attention focus point on the painting, the wall is set on the recess in a pillar design with a framing identity for the feature wall.

Motif design of authentic gothic pattern is used on the Roman Blind. The beauty of folding blind showcases a repetitive motif harmony.

Upholstered in ivory-coloured plush leather, the seating sets off against the black and white base to act as a reading corner.