Its the french lifeEuropean Accent

What if you could enjoy all that living in France lifestyle has to offer without having to leave the country? Imagine living in the French streets you love! Getting the right setting with french details and pastel mood takes the brief.

With the owner’s vast travel influence, the house is impelled from the Fine French lifestyle with a homey tonality hue. The living area houses a side board library concept with a fireplace for open styling display. To bring in the natural ray, soft drapes are hung by the windows for a full length translucent light casting exposure. Natural Wood and Light Beige Accent pieces of loose furniture fill the hall.

Who can outcast a conventional The kitchen is completed with trimming details and display shelving. It flows with the owner lifestyle of entertaining purpose of wine rack storage and semi open glass insert for showcasing china wares.

The dining area opts for a raw wash texture wood furniture with the influence from French cottage without having over cluttered feel of having high wing chair. The texture details wood flooring uses the dark European season to fill the entire premises. This soften the contemporary look by having a warm natural earth mood to the living space.

Entrance to the room alley is announced with two sliding doors with details that lead to the rooms. The dinning wall and alley are filled with family photo memories, creating a gallery walk through feel.

The Master wardrobe takes after the French powder room with a 2-leaf swing door with details. The open concept wardrobe ends with a central motif mirror to fill the mood. As for the bathrooms, it is completed with classic white wash tiles fixing with monotone motif floor tiles to break the line. To complement the look, classic sanitary wares and décor style the bathrooms for a bright clean room effect.