At Black N White House, we crafted a series of process to facilitate the better understanding of our client's overall vision and objectives for their living spaces, and incorporating our design philosophy to the conceptualisation of the design works.

You need to know that you are engaging and entrusting your property to someone who understand your needs and issues relating to your project.

Before appointing or entrusting a Consultant to carry our any work to your property, you would like to know that you are engaging someone who truly understands your needs and the issues relating to your project. Prior to commencing work on your project, we will appoint a dedicated project team. The make-up of the team is determined by the nature and complexity of each project, but will always remain the same group of people throughout, consisting of:

  • Partner Consultant
  • Interior Design Consultant
  • Project Manager

Collectively, the team manages all aspects of the design and project management, ensuring that the design and build process is enjoyable and stress-free.

To explore more on our commercial works, we have another dedicated team at our associate company, BNW Concept to provide you a one-stop solution to assist you to create design synergies to create, re-create, develop, re-develop and highlight the characteristics and personality and enhance the growth of your business.